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ISBN: 978-1-842773-06-6

Trim size: 198 x 130mm

Binding: paperback

Page count: 228 pages

Cost: R200.00

Genre: Fiction

Date of publication: November 2002



The gruesome murder of human rights lawyer, Dodie Katz, unleashes a hornet’s nest of intrigue, controversy and nasty shocks in the lives of those connected with her. With friend and famous rap singer Abby Moeketsi providing the insight, and police detective M. K. Makatini and ex-super spy Philemon Skosana hot on the crime trail, this entertaining whodunit contains plenty of surprises.

Its quirky cast of characters is as trendy as Stoned Cherrie and as ‘new South African’ as they come. A disillusioned Cabinet Minister, a teenage drug dealer named Cornelius Wildenboer van der Merwe, a new age healer who specialises in ‘sexual cleansing’, and a journalist with a ‘Struggle Mama’ complex, all link together in this rich crime plot that spans the global, political and personal landscapes of contemporary South Africa.        

Bite of the Banshee is a post-apartheid thriller: a racy ride through the less salubrious zones of post-struggle South Africa from an author who knows them from the inside.


Muff Andersson

Ex-Umkhonto we Sizwe soldier, Muff Andersson, is a researcher with the University of South Africa based in the office of the Principal / Pro Vice-Chancellor. Her research interests include African literature, youth culture and audience studies. Muff is the author of Music in the Mix – the Story of South African Popular Music (1981).