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It is good to read of a life that embodies a rich and intricate South African cultural landscape and we are all the richer for her efforts.

—Betty Govinden

It is my honour to recommend this book.

—Fatima Meer

Book information

ISBN: 978-1-919855-67-7

Trim size: 230 x 150mm

Binding: paperback

Page count: 302 pages

Cost: R265.00

Genre: Memoir



From the opening Sanskrit mantra to the final act of casting her vote in South Africa’s first democratic elections, Shanthee Manjoo’s Classrooms in the Shade is a unique perspective on South Africa’s history. Teacher, mother, wife, sister and friend, Shanthee Manjoo defied the rules and roles of an underdocumented time and community, experiencing all of its painful, poignant, humorous and moving stories. Peopled with characters from a personal and national context, the book is a lyrical memoir that captures nuances of a particular and important time and place in South Africa.


Shanthee Manjoo

Shanthee Manjoo endured the segregation of apartheid and the old Union of South Africa. After she retired as a teacher, she spent her time writing, reading, drawing and painting and spending time with her family.

Shanthee passed away in 2019.