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‘Everybody is longing, everyone longs after something. Everyone speaks about it, speaks about what has been lost, about what was recently possible. It is not about the big dreams but about being able to go to the sea, dip feet into the salty water, to be able to see the red and white bird, to look into the eyes of a grandchild, to be able to walk onto the father’s olive hill, to be able to celebrate Easter with the family, a night without bombs, to be free.’

        —From Crimes, Victims and Witnesses



Book information

ISBN: 978-0-9870348-0-9

Trim size: 200 x 250mm

Binding: Paperback w/ gatefolds

Page count: 300 pages

Imagery:  Full colour photographs   

Cost: R375.00

Genre:  Politics/ photojournalism



Breaking open a fascinating new dialogue on the situation in occupied Palestinian territories, this personal account presents a South African perspective that is complemented by striking colour photographs.

Author and photographer Mats Svensson began work in Jerusalem with Swedish development assistance and quickly realised that the world he had wandered into was far worse off than what he had read.

Through the lens of his camera and captured in his own words, he documents the daily horrors that he witnessed during long treks through occupied territory.

This chronicle provides valuable depth to an issue of which news articles abroad only scratch the surface — what it is truly like to live amidst the Israeli–Palestinian conflict.


Mats Svensson

Mats Svensson has a Master’s degree in Social Science and has been a development worker since 1974 for various NGOs and consultants and for the Swedish government since 1988. He is currently working to support the establishment of democratic institutions in Western Europe’s vicinity, including North Africa, the Middle East and Eastern Europe, and has previously worked for longer periods with Swedish development assistance in Congo-Brazzaville, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Eritrea and the occupied Palestinian territory, as well as shorter periods in Malawi, South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

Mats has held seven photo exhibitions in Sweden, Israel and the occupied Palestinian territory.

He resides in Lusaka, Zambia.