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Book information

ISBN: 978-0-9869833-0-6

Trim size: 242 x 250mm

Binding: Hardcover

Page count: 286

Imagery: Full colour and black and white photographs and illustrations

Price: R425

Genre: Art

Publication date: March 2011



Dumile Feni: The Story of a Great Artist – Volume 1 was written and published following The Dumile Feni Retrospective at the Johannesburg Art Gallery in 2005. Written by Prince Mbusi Dube, who curated the exhibition, the aim of this book is to bring the story of one of South Africa’s greatest artists to the world.

The Dumile Feni story will be published in three volumes. This book, Volume 1, details Feni’s life from his birth in 1942 until he left South Africa in 1968. Volume 2 will document his life in exile in the United Kingdom from 196 –1978 while Volume 3 will cover his life in exile in the United States from 1978–1991. Beautifully illustrated with hundreds of Feni’s artworks and photographs, this book reads like a history of South Africa as it provides, through a biographical account of Dumile’s life, a social commentary on what was happening in the South African art world at a particular moment in time and place.


Prince Mbusi Dube

Prince Mbusi Dube is an art collections and exhibitions officer with the Ekurhuleni Metropolitan Municipality in Gauteng, South Africa. He graduated with a B.A. in Fine Art at the University of Durban-Westville in 1985 and was mentored and skilled by Dr Ronald Dorris to research and write about South African Art and artists. In 1999, Dube completed a professional placement in the field of Arts Management at Indiana University in the USA. 
He attended the South African National Cultural Heritage Programme Workshop at Michigan State University, USA, in 2000. In 2003, he was selected as a national curator for the South African representation in the 25th Sao Paulo Biennale, Brazil.

Dube has published articles in the Sparks of Resistance, Flames of Change: Black Communities and Activism (2005); Fault Lines exhibition catalogue (Venice Biennale, 2003) and Network 2000: In the Spirit of Harlem Renaissance Volume 11 (2003). He also curated the Dumile Feni Retrospective exhibition in 2005 and edited its accompanying catalogue. He lives in Johannesburg with his wife and one daughter. This is his first book.