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ISBN: 978-1-920222-41-3

Trim size: 216 x 140mm

Binding: paperback

Page count: 438 pages

Imagery: Black & white photographs

Cost: R275.00

Genre: Memoir



In Revolutionary Traveller, John S. Saul draws on a series of his own occasional articles written over a span of 40 years which, together with a linking narrative, trace his career as an anti-apartheid and liberation support movement activist both in Canada and southern Africa and recount the history of the various struggles in both venues in which he has been directly involved.

He thus shapes a unique memoir, capped by some longer summary pieces on the global processes of empire and decolonisation that he has witnessed and on the reading, listening, playing, and family pleasures that have enlivened his life’s passage.


John S. Saul

A veteran anti-apartheid and liberation support movement activist in Canada and elsewhere, and a longtime campaigner for economic justice in Africa, John S. Saul taught at Toronto’s York University for many years and also, cumulatively, for almost a decade, in Africa itself (Tanzania, Mozambique, and South Africa).