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ISBN: 978-1-7764567-0-3

Trim size: 230 x 150 mm

Binding: Paperback

Page count: 252 pages

Cost: R345.00

Genre: Africa China Studies

Year of publication: 2023



Xi Jinping and Thriving China-South Africa Relations in the New Era, highlights the role played by President Xi in fostering China-South Africa Relations. This book provides clarity on the role of China-South Africa cooperation — in the region and the continent — through the proposals and initiatives of President Xi, and his thoughts on enhancing China-South Africa relations. It will also help readers to understand the China-Africa policy in the context of those proposals and his countless deliberations during his visits to South Africa.

A recent recipient of US bullying, South Africa stands to gain from the global security strategies laid out by President Xi.

This book is a timely addition to the study of South Africa’s relationship with China, which surpassed a quarter of a century in 2023. The two countries are counselled to deliberate and to dispense with what has become redundant, and redouble their efforts to sustain and improve upon mutual benefits. China-South Africa relations are integral to establishing a community with a shared future for mankind.




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Dr Paul Zilungisele TEMBE

Dr Paul Zilungisele TEMBE (谭哲理) is a senior lecturer and researcher at the Department of Linguistics and Modern Languages, University of South Africa (Unisa). His academic interests range between historical studies, performative and linguistic theories, cross-cultural communications strategies, cultural studies, and foreign policy. TEMBE has an MA in Kiswahili Studies (2007) from Uppsala University in Sweden and a PhD in Chinese Studies from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in China. He has conducted research and taught at, among others, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Stellenbosch University, Uppsala University, Unisa, and Rhodes University. His current study looks at the paradigm shifts in geopolitics towards a new world order titled ‘Fear of Equality – Instilling Meritocracy’. He is professionally fluent in English, Mandarin, Portuguese, Kiswahili, Swedish, Sesotho, Xitsonga, and IsiZulu.

TEMBE is the author of Ubuntu Beyond Identities – Isintu as a Performative Turn of Ubuntu (Real African Publishers, 2020) and is the lead editor of Culture, Identities and Ideology in Africa-China Cooperation (Africa World Press, 2021).