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ISBN: 978-1-919855-91-2

Trim size: 100 x 180mm

Binding: paperback

Page count: tbc

Imagery: tbc

Cost: R80.00

Genre: Reference/Law



Covering sex, pregnancy, HIV and AIDS, drugs and the law, health, violent crime, self defence, abuse, sexual assault, keeping safe, education admission, rules and regulations, exclusion, reports and records, examinations, safety, student finance, studying and training, applying for work and finding a job, work and training contracts, rights at work, losing your job, banking, income tax, spending, insurance, names, citizenship, parents, adoption, living together, marriage, divorce, a place of your own, rental and rental agreements, going out, home entertainment, getting around, sex and the law, cars and motorbikes, safety and driving offences, what to do in an accident, going on holiday, powers and duties of the police and courts, stop and search, arrest, courts, government and human rights in South Africa — plus full details of useful organisations and other places to get further assistance, The Youth Survival Guide is a must-have reference for matriculants and young adults.